EdPrime is an all-in-one Education Management SuperSoftware offering advanced ERP & LMS capabilities on a single platform. EdPrime functions across all areas of an institute’s operations – from the classroom to the front & back office and the board room. At its core, the software provides the ability to create and use hundreds of customizable process workflows, assign & manage tasks, make & log communications (internally & externally), drilling down to granular detail or viewing overall performance. The outcomes include cost savings, reduced data entry and manual work, increased productivity, access to real time information and better decision-making. But most importantly increased efficiencies of both staff & students.

EdPrime is developed by an ambitious team of Educationalists, Information Technology, Finance and Management Professionals with over 50+ years of combined experience in respective fields. Having faced and seen complex problems in the education domain, the team has closely mapped the challenges faced by every stakeholder of an education ecosystem & developed a product that provides critical insights & solutions for smallest of operational hazards, thereby augmenting the efficiency & total value output of the system.



EdPrime Attendance Management manages student classroom or online attendance. The automated attendance tracker ensures timely and accurate attendance data & allows a school to share a student’s attendance information with parents.


EdPrime Student Assessment Management System enables the teachers to upload, share, and track home/ class assignments, while at the same time, reminders to students can also be sent online or via mobile phones. It enables teachers to provide grades, share feedback with students as well as parents.
The system allows question banks to be prepared and uploaded periodically in multiple formats. The “gradebook” feature allows teachers to record student grades where parents could login to track their ward’s progress. Besides, students could download materials and submit assignments.


EdPrime Student Assignment Management System is an application where the teachers can easily set assignments for various classes. It enables teachers to create assignments that can be applicable to more than one class. This application also supports discussions between teachers and students and is integrated with an online grading system for assessment. Moreover, It offers a feature for students to submit their assessments online.


EdPrime Learning management system enables the teachers to upload lessons, with question banks and interesting video tutorials that make learning more fun for the students. The LMS helps in both e-learning and traditional learning. It allows students to go back over their courses as per their convenience and reinforce their learning. In addition to this, it also helps in the training of new teachers and thus building their efficiency. It also enables teachers to arrange live sessions and directly interact with the students, no matter where they are.

Virtual Classroom

EdPrime’s virtual classroom offers a seamless digital learning environment allowing teachers and students to connect online in real time.  The solution connects with 4 top video conferencing tools and provides a seamless experience to students where they can view the online classes and learning content in one place


Student Management

  • Register Student
  • Transfer Student
  • Student Certificates
  • Health Card
  • ID card
  • Sibling management

Staff/ HRMS

  • Configurable employee roles
  • Role based access controls
  • Bulk employee upload
  • Employee profile
  • CTC
  • Employee attendance


  • Term and exam setup
  • Marks distribution setup
  • Exam time table
  • Marks entry
  • Marksheet
  • Academic performance report


  • Online admission on school’s website
  • In-school registration
  • Registration Fees
  • Schedule Examination
  • Select / Reject
  • Onboard as student

COVID19 Management

Keeping in mind the safety and security of the child, EdPrime provides a COVID-19 Management feature that helps in keeping track of student’s and teacher’s temperature and vaccination status.

Parents can easily track the temperature and vaccination status of teachers, and students in their child’s classroom, and be assured about their child’s safety.

This will help to stop the spread of COVID and assure parents through transparent sharing of monitoring data online.

How it works:

· Track student/ teacher temperature
· Maintain vaccination records
· Assure parents through transparent sharing of monitoring data online


Fee Management

EDPRIME Fee Management System enables an Institute to set-up the most crucial fee management functions applicable across all the departments within the Institute. The module offers utmost flexibility to set-up fee structures as applicable to courses across all the departments in the Institute, scholarships, fee concessions etc. the parents can pay the fees online or offline. Also, the payments can be tracked & reconciled.

Payroll Management

EDPRIME Payroll Management System allows the management of the complex process of creating employee profiles much easier. The application supports setting up the employee profiles, pay-bands and pay-groups, employee increment management, Arrear management, LWP Management, Provident Fund, Gratuity, and Employee State insurance amongst support for numerous features.

Other Accounts

EDPRIME Accounting Software deals with the serious complexities that are found in accounting and financial reporting.

1. Vendor Masters
2. Account and Expense Heads
3. Create Vouchers


Having reliable and consistent finance management is extremely important to maximize the financial gains, and to get that, accuracy in the financial reports is a must. With EdPrime, educational institutes get quick access to accurate finance reports (historical or current) and the potential to track and analyze them individually in no time. These reports could help the schools to predict their future financial activities and make strategic, effective, and timely decisions accordingly.


While it’s the Teacher-Student or Teacher-Parent or Promoter-Employee Communication, the calendar for all Academic and non-academic events such as Phone Logs, Appointments & Broadcast messages – SMS, email, internal message are planned according to the different Groups and Societies that the Student or Staff Member is a part of. EdPrime Management feature also allows a user to send Newsletters & other communication materials to the respective stakeholder.

EdPrime Offers Various Modes of Communication




Internal Message

Multi-User Portal

Teacher Login

  • Time table
  • Student information
  • Academic Calendar
  • Syllabus
  • Class Work and Home Work
  • Lesson Plan
  • Online Learning
  • Live Classes
  • Examination and Evaluation
  • Student Attendance

Parent & Student Login

  • View Student Attendance
  • View Student Performance in exams
  • View academic calendar
  • Proper Communication through Mailbox
  • View and update student profile
  • View fee details Pay fee online
  • View syllabus
  • View homework and classwork
  • Request for leave or appointment
  • Online learning and Live classes
  • Available on web, Android mobile app and, iOS mobile app.

Administration Login

  • Digital Admission Process ​
  • Fees & Expenses Management​
  • Communication Portal​
  • Medical Records & Wellness​
  • Digital Content Platform​
  • Task Allocation & Work Flow​
  • Vendor Management​
  • Intelligent Reports​
  • Comprehensive Transportation Hub​
  • Employee welfare & Management​
  • Book Store Management​


For School/College Owners
  • 360 Admin Monitoring
  • Multiple Report generation for Fee Collection.
  • Individual Student Performance Management
  • Seamless Employee communication
  • Multiple Device access
For The Principals
  • Student Fee Collection & Attendance Dashboard.
  • Individual Student Performance Management
  • Review Institute’s performance
  • Automated Academic Calendar
  • Time Scheduler
For the Administration Staff
  • Online Fee Collection
  • Collection of periodic reports
  • Management of school expenses
  • Track record of student TC’s
  • Generation of students’ ID cards
For The Teachers
  • Student Attendance Management
  • Automated Marksheet & Greensheet Generation
  • Syllabus Mapping
  • Import of marks in bulk
  • Classwork, Homework Management
For The Parents
  • Online Fee Submission
  • Daily attendance update of the child
  • eLearning Platform
  • Classwork/Homework Management
  • Automated Leave Approval
For The Students
  • Anytime & Anywhere Learning
  • Learning more fun with digitization
  • Better Learning Solution
  • Self-Performance Analysis
  • Data Security & Availability