Can the Underdog in Education space bounce back?

School education is considered as a necessity, reaffirmed by the Right to Education Act. However, a consensus is building that school is necessary but not sufficient for a successful education. Why? Because the after-school market has been growing over the last 2 decades, earlier it was via physical private tuition and now via edtech companies.

School Management Platform

How to Choose the Right Management System for Educational Institutions?

An Education Management system is a tool or platform specially designed to transform complex management into a simple and hassle-free process. Their purpose is to offer benefits to all stakeholders of an education ecosystem, starting from Owners, Principals, Teachers, Administration staff to Parents and Students. This solution includes functions such as HR, Administration, Online Admission Management, Accounting, Payroll Management, Fee Collection, Online Learning, Parent-School Communication to Attendance, Student Performance Assessment, Transport & Alumni Management, and a variety of other functions.

Why EdPrime? What’s the purpose behind it?

In this post, I have tried to summarise the thought behind EdPrime and what is its Purpose?
In nearly 2 decades of my working life, I have been focusing on identifying problems in business and solving them. While my area of primary expertise was finance, I always looked at business and organization as a whole and considered myself more as a problem solver.