How to execute Digital Transformation of an Education Institute successfully

Digital Technologies have transformed how we work, how we transact and how we live. Digital Technologies hold great value for education institutes – dramatic efficiency improvements, changes in education delivery, easy access to world class content and faculty, personalized service, new business models, new learning models and more.

Most educational institutes have started using digital technologies in some form over the last few years. In many places, however, they have simply converted a paper process into electronic form.

Here are a few points to remember as you get into the digital transformation of your education institute.

Start with clear goals

It is important to be clear what you want to achieve with your Digital Transformation. Having clear goals whether in terms of cost savings, effort reduction, ease of access, reaching more customers / students, better student / parent satisfaction or better learning outcomes. Clearly defined and measurable goals help you measure progress and make timely course corrections.

Commitment from the top

Digital Transformation requires the organization to make large scale changes from the perspective of technology, people and processes. Commitment and leadership from top management ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned to achieving the goals. Leadership at the top helps in removing any roadblocks to successful transformation and allocating necessary resources in a timely manner.

Transforming people and processes with technology

Digital Transformation is about making large scale changes with people and processes while implementing new technologies. Focus on people and processes ensures that the benefits of new technologies are exploited in the best possible manner. The processes must be reviewed to see how they improve customer experience, reduce turnaround time dramatically and reduce cost/effort. The people must be trained and provided necessary digital infrastructure to utilize the digital technologies effectively.

Focus on adoption

People are used to their own way of working. Change is difficult and scary. This fear of change derails many Digital Transformation projects when people are not willing to adopt to new technologies. Hence, focus on adoption is key. Adoption is driven through various interventions like training, changes in incentives, appreciation of early adopters, close monitoring of adoption progress and identifying roadblocks & taking corrective actions.
Gradual roll-out vs Big bang
Digital Transformation is a journey. There are numerous facets of education that gain from Digital Transformation. It is, however, easier to start with a smaller part. Some schools start with School Management Platform. Others may start with smart classes. Once some digital initiatives are implemented, the education institutes get better visibility into the next areas for transformation. Implementation of previous initiatives give them lessons for improvements in the next initiatives.

Plan for more changes

Digital Technologies touch almost all facets of education today. New technologies are rapidly evolving providing even more benefits and rendering old technologies obsolete. New more engaging ways to deliver digital content continue to come up. So, plan for a journey that will open windows of more and more opportunities for your education institute.

EdPrime is there to be your partner in your digital transformation journey. We provide consultation on planning your digital journey and bring to you a large bouquet of digital solutions. Our core School Management Platform acts as a base on which a number of digital education solutions fit seamlessly, making your digital journey easier. Our various pay-as-you-use solutions help you manage your costs better and reap the benefits of digital transformation earlier.


Aishwarya Saxena
Aishwarya has more than 20 years of experience in Technology, Digital Transformation, Project Management, and Business Analysis. He has led projects on digital sales, digital customer self-service, mobility, chatbots, robotic process automation, workflow systems, etc. He is responsible to ensure that EdPrime meets the evolving needs of the customers. He is an avid reader and loves to pen down his thoughts and experiences.

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