Why EdPrime? What’s the purpose behind it?

In this post, I have tried to summarise the thought behind EdPrime and what is its Purpose?

In nearly 2 decades of my working life, I have been focusing on identifying problems in business and solving them. While my area of primary expertise was finance, I always looked at business and organization as a whole and considered myself more as a problem solver.

Over the last two years, while heading Portfolio Management for Gray Matters Capital Inc (GMC Inc) and being on board of a few EdTech startups, I realized that one of the biggest challenges for most EdTech start-ups were the cost of customer acquisition (out of which majority was the cost of being discovered by the customer). The interesting part was that while the need is clear and the market is huge, the consumers of the EdTech services find it difficult to identify the right solution and the providers of services needs pots of money to spend a lot to promote themselves to reach out to the users. The cost of discovery increased the price of most of the solutions higher and made it unaffordable or unattractive to the majority of potential users.

What’s the purpose behind Edprime?

While working with various education stakeholders in various developing markets of Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and India, I observed that the situation is far from desirable as the quality of education is poor in most places and the EdTech solutions have potential to help provide better learning opportunities and democratize the availability of quality education. Many of the EdTech products, I believe, will have the potential to democratize access to better careers and employment opportunities for the underserved.

When I worked closely with schools across Africa and South East Asia, I found that while the primary learning source remains the schools, most private schools had very little support from the ecosystem – they had little access to capital or learning sources. Also, most schools were not well versed with the latest developments in education and the wealth of new-age tools available at their disposal. Most were not even aware of Khan Academy.

GMC has a mission to impact the lives of 100 mn girls, hence, this problem was something very much aligned to their goal. I worked with my team to visualise a platform that can bring a number of services to the schools directly, and also to students, parents, teachers and other stakeholders in the education ecosystem. We imagined this platform sitting on top of a school management system that initiated the schools in a digital way of life.

What Edprime Offers?

The platform will provide a mechanism for other EdTech solutions to plug-in and make it easier for the students and schools to discover them. This shall eventually lead to focus on their core competence and lead to improvements in learning outcomes.

The platform shall use data sciences to help identify the right solution for everyone and help them make better decisions.

We also planned to build this with a highly engaging and consultative arrangement where we are there as a partner to the school and not a competitor (not trying to compete for wallet share or demean the schools to sell our product).

We started visualizing the platform in January 2020 by building mockups. As we built the mockups and showed around, it became amply clear that the model is robust and it serves a definite need. We decide to find a powerful school management system and to use it as our base. Rouvr platform, which was already running in a few schools in Rajasthan, was chosen.

While COVID19 derailed plans for millions across the world, it only strengthened my conviction. The need for digitization and remote solutions for education became vividly clear to the world. It expedited the rollout of our platform. We call it EdPrime.

EdPrime now offers a host of school management, online learning and online testing facilities. This is a SaaS platform and the schools can start with no investment on a subscription model. We want to earn with the partners, not from the partners.

We have initiated integrating with other services on our platform.

We will be offering Syllabus wise content at lesson plan level as an additional offering to schools from 2021-22 session, which shall help schools continue to operate schools digitally and provide access to quality content to the students, to enable the phygital model.

We have also integrated with a gamification-based learning solution. We are adding services for news content based on the latest developments around the world.

We shall be adding other services such as scholarships, content, career guidance, test prep, education finance and much more.

We firmly believe that education will witness a tectonic shift in this decade. We are thrilled to be part of that transformation.

We look forward to the continued feedback, support and best wishes as we embark on this journey to make schools and students future-ready.

Please visit us at www.edprime.co


Raunak Singhvi
Raunak is a professional turned entrepreneur currently building EdPrime. He carries an experience of more than 18 years, including global work experience of more than 25 countries across 4 continents. His experience across multiple industries spans areas of EdTech, NBFC, Insurance, Payments, Insurance Broking, Manufacturing, FMCG, Industrials, and IT Services, gives him cross-functional and cross-industry insights. When he is not working, he likes to read on various topics and pen down his thoughts and experiences!

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