EdPrime offers great benefits to

all the stakeholders of an education ecosystem.

EdPrime, as you partner platform, will provide all necessary insight, when you need it in making most informed decision. Be it operational insight, academic performance or financial controls. 

EdPrime, built with academicians for academicians, knows your pain points and work with you to eliminate all grey areas and put you in control. 

Manage all your task at one place, administration and academics. Find bottlenecks and improvement areas in your entire working: student performance, internal & external communication, assistance and knowledge.

One unified dashboard for all relevant business areas. Fees Due, Invoices pending, performance, Parent/Staff requests be in control and on top of your game.

One platform for all your communication, academic and learning needs. Parent can easily track and get meaningfully involved with their wards. For students, it’s a virtual, always available classroom. Always available and ready for learning.

About Us

EdPrime, is a collection of many experiences and skills from education, finances, technology, International Business and of lifelong learners. People, who have enriched greatly from the “Education” but now want to give back, in doing so making it better, bigger all while staying agile and rooted to the cause: of better learning 


Education as a service comprises huge responsibilities and comes with its own complexities. It in many ways is a life changing process, of critical value in shaping our future, the entire mankind’s future. As a greatly impactful pillar for modern society, its ecosystem (the schools and other temple of learning) are hugely lagging behind from modern day technology and revised business norms. EdPrime, aims to level the playing field, bring the best of technology to enable wide collaboration and sharing, all the while keeping quality and the learner at the pinnacle of this service.   


For the education establishments across the world seeking to increase efficiency, value offering & size, EdPrime truly is an “All-in-one Education SuperSoftware”. Research-driven intelligent technology and multi-layered management expertise to empower the education ecosystem to drive them to improved and better outcome for all stakeholders. 

EDPRIME is specifically designed to cater all functions of an education ecosystem. 


From HR, Administration, Online Admission, Accounting, Fee Collection, Online Learning, Communication, Expense to Attendance, Academics & Transport, EdPrime is designed to cater all the functions of an education ecosystem.  



Management of time-table, lesson plan, attendance, academic calendar, LMS, syllabus, assignment, etc

Virtual Classroom

Seamless digital learning environment allowing teachers and students to connect online in real-time.


 Management of HRMS, admissions, examination, and student details.


Easy management of fees, payrolls, and other vendor accounts.   Communication: Build strong communication between all the stakeholders of the education ecosystem.


Build strong communication between all the stakeholders of the education ecosystem.

Multi-User Portal

Single platform for all stakeholders that also provides personalized role-based features for each of them.


Get to know more about EdPrime-Your Complete Education Partner. What we do? Why we do?

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